Justin Gordon - CEO
Justin's other business is Shakacode - developers of React On Rails Pro, a leading web technology.

While not working with the HiChee and Shakacode teams he is usually found around the coastline of Oahu surfing, running or cycling. He graduated from Harvard in Applied Mathematics and lives in Paia, Hawaii.
Evrim Aslan - Customer Support
Evrim handles the Customer Support, data quality and onboarding at HiChee.

When he is not working with the HiChee team, which is rare, he spends his time with his newly born daughter. So yes, he is also an expert in changing diapers!Lives in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Ben Friman - Marketing
Ben gets involved in most aspects of developing and growing HiChee. He has a background in technology which goes back to times before technology was a thing, coupled with running several vacation rentals over the past 25 years.

While not working, he is usually found playing the piano or skiing but never both at the same time. Lives in the middle of England
Lucky Budd - Copywriter
Lucky is our copywriter, proof reader, and overall language tightener. He is also a published author of 11 books, radio host, public speaker and business owner

Wordcraft evidently runs in the family as his six year-old son invented the word levidrome which is already in many online dictionaries and will probably make its way into the Oxford Dictionary.

Lucky describes himself as a dedicated dad, ice hockey goalie and musician. He lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.
Alex Fedoseev - Lead Front End Developer
Alex is responsible for the code that drives the HiChee web pages.

Alex started in web-analytics & marketing, then web development with Ruby on Rails, and has recently been focusing on the React + Flux ecosystem with a Rails backend. Alex shares his experience through a personal blog, medium & github. Coding & surfing FTW!. Lives in Bali, Indonesia